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Library 140 Ron Redekop Building A Culture Of Evangelism
 Lee Wiebe Leadership On A Board Kids Room 242 Joshua Bogunjoko Crossing Boundaries
Joanna Bogunjoko Missionary Care 101 Youth Room 243 Joanna Bogunjoko Missionary Care 101
David Manual Punjabi Evangelism Discipleship Room 246 Matt Schantz Building A Leadership Culture
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The Christian Worker’s Hour – Dr. Marty Culy, Cypress Hills Ministries
Tired, close to burn-out? These early bird morning sessions (Tues. and Wed. 8:30-9:30 a.m.) will focus on bringing spiritual refreshment from God’s Word to encourage weary pastors to “not grow weary in doing good” as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each morning we will look at a different Scripture passage related to serving the Lord and we will draw on themes from the Reformation. Note that morning prayer for the conference follows these sessions.

Women Teaching Women – Kathy Neufeld (Back To The Bible Canada)
Have you ever felt God calling you to start a Women’s Bible study either in your church or neighborhood but did not know where to start? This workshop will provide you with important preparation steps needed for a successful study in the Word. This workshop will also benefit your personal study and walk with God in His Word.

Missionary Care 101 – Joanna Bogunjoko (SIM)
How can churches effectively minister to the missionaries they support? Come prepared to actively learn through drama, poem/song and dance. Joanna Bogunjoko is a medical doctor who also mentors women missionaries and does “missionary care” with SIM. Her insights will be invaluable for churches wanting provide effective care and support for their missionaries.

Women Mentoring Women – Jo-Anna Culy (Cypress Hills Ministries)
Not just for older women – pastors, men, church leaders, younger women – all are invited to come and catch the vision! Over 60% of most congregations is comprised of the gentler sex, and these women come with unique needs. God is not only well-aware of this, He has planned for it. In this session, Jo-Anna Culy whets your appetite for biblical mentoring and shows how it is a crucial part of God’s plan for healthy churches that glorify Him.

Evangelism and Your Punjabi Neighbor – Dr. David Manuel (Pastor, South Abbotsford Church )
David will discuss how to effectively share the Gospel, and keys to evangelism in the context of Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu neighbors; he will also share about his ministry to the Sikh community and his TV and radio ministry.

Church-based theological education – Bob Kirk (SIM)
How can pastors address the serious decline in biblical literacy? We are developing curriculum built on Bible book studies using a transformational design for spiritual maturity, discipleship and leadership in the local church. We also want to equip churches to reach across cultural boundaries to the immigrant diasporas in our communities needing to hear the Gospel.

Crossing Boundaries – Dr. Joshua Bogunjoko (SIM)
Today, many different barriers exist to the gospel, and many communities live behind those barriers. In the migrant, immigrant, refugee and diaspora communities they include cultural barriers, linguistic barriers, generational barriers, socio-economic barriers, political barriers, geographic barriers and even sometime barriers that exists as a result of guilt/innocence, honour/shame issues. Sometimes barriers are not only the absence of the gospel, but the absence of the gospel in a form that is understood by these people. This session suggest ways we can cross these barriers to make Christ known in these communities where He is least known. We, like Christ, should cross barriers that stand between the saving power of Christ and those who have never heard.

Leadership On A Board – Lee Wiebe (Elder, Cloverdale Baptist)
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Worship – Pat Sczebel (Pastor, Crossway Church)
Is it possible that in the middle of the “worship phenomenon” we’ve found ourselves enamoured by secondary things? Is it possible that we’re worshipping something other than God, or, we’re worshipping God in the wrong way? What does God think about your Sunday gathering?

Marks Of Expository Preaching – John Neufeld (Back To The Bible Canada)
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Building A Leadership Culture – Matt Schantz (Pastor, Central Community Church)
Is leadership development an import from the business world that churches either adopt or reject, or is it a biblical imperative? Jesus raised up the twelve and the Apostle Paul raised up overseers across the churches he planted. And we are tasked with the awesome privilege of building a culture in our churches where disciples grow, leaders are multiplied, and the gospel is advanced.

Building A Culture Of Evangelism – Ron Redekop (Pastor, Richmond Alliance)
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